Automated Review Response Suggestions Make Replying to Reviews Faster, More Effective

Automated Review Response Suggestions

Introduction Responding to online reviews is a basic marketing function for all local businesses. Not only is this task important because it shows the business cares about their customers, it’s also an opportunity to attract new customers. Another compelling reason for responding to reviews? Consumers demand it. The following findings from a recent consumer review […]

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6 Ways a Poor Star Rating Hurts Your Business

Poor Star Rating Hurts Your Business

Just like the report card we got in school that graded our academic performance, local businesses receive a report card of sorts that grades their online reputation. These grades come in the form of an average star rating. This rating is derived from customer reviews and is found on sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp and […]

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5 Costly Business Online Reputation Management Fails

Online Reputation Management Fails

Many businesses are adopting online reputation management as a key component of their local marketing strategy. With 9 out of 10 consumers searching the web for businesses, focusing on your brand’s online reputation is a must to survive. Yet, with all the articles, tips and tools available, many businesses are still failing at the simplest […]

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Ignite Sales with a Great Online Reputation Management Strategy in 2019

Online Reputation Management Strategy in 2019

With the start of a new year, local businesses will be looking for ways to “ignite” their post-holiday sales. While many will stick to traditional marketing and advertising, another approach businesses should consider is employing an online reputation management strategy in 2019. The reasons why this makes sense are two-fold: studies show that nearly 9 […]

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