Why Unmanaged Online Reviews are Bad for Business

Person Using Phone to Respond to Online Reviews

Summary Maximizing the benefits that online reviews offer is critical for businesses. Having unmanaged online reviews can harm your reputation and sales over time. Establishing an online review management process can help you focus on and get the most out of your reviews. Introduction Local businesses face growing competition every day. Because of this, they […]

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What to do When an Employee is Mentioned in an Online Review

Employees Mentioned Online Review

Summary Businesses in the disaster restoration and commercial cleaning space need to anticipate and prepare for when an employee is mentioned in an online review. Because this type of customer feedback publicly assesses an employee’s performance, business owners must take great care and thought in their response. This situation presents a significant marketing opportunity for […]

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ReviewIgnite Adds AI Engine to Online Reputation Software

AI Tool Online Reputation Software

Artificial intelligence has fast become an important tool for businesses to use to improve productivity and streamline processes. As these tools have matured, the quality of output has also improved significantly. At ReviewIgnite, we are committed to helping property damage restoration and commercial cleaning businesses get more customers by leveraging their online reputation using the […]

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5 Tactics for Improving Your Online Reputation in 2023

2023 Online Reputation Management Priorities

Summary: The new year is the perfect time for property damage restoration and commercial cleaning businesses to hone their strategy for improving their online reputation. In this post, we outline 5 tactics they can focus on to accomplish this. As the calendar turns from 2022 to 2023, businesses reflect on their results and look to […]

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How Mystery Shopping Improves the Customer Experience

How Mystery Shopping Can Improve the Customer Experience

In order for a business to build a positive online reputation that drives sales, you must consistently deliver a great customer experience. That’s why it’s so important to get the customer experience right in the beginning and keep it that way. But how do you evaluate your performance? An effective way to do this is […]

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Creating an Online Review Management Strategy that Works

Online Review Management Strategy

In order to build a great reputation and attract more customers, businesses need to get more positive online reviews. A great way to make this happen is by implementing an effective online review management strategy. As local business owners, you know the drill – everyone researches businesses online before buying and a big part of […]

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Automated Review Response Suggestions Make Replying to Reviews Faster, More Effective

Automated Review Response Suggestions

Introduction Responding to online reviews is a basic marketing function for all local businesses. Not only is this task important because it shows the business cares about their customers, it’s also an opportunity to attract new customers. Another compelling reason for responding to reviews? Consumers demand it. The following findings from a recent consumer review […]

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Google Changes Process for Flagging Online Reviews

Google Changes Process for Flagging Online Reviews

An important part of managing your brand’s online reputation is monitoring online reviews. Unfortunately, not all reviews are legitimate. And, if a business discovers such a review, they should flag it. Because ignoring this situation can cause harm to your online reputation. This is why it’s a good idea to be familiar with how to […]

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6 Ways a Poor Star Rating Hurts Your Business

Poor Star Rating Hurts Your Business

Just like the report card we got in school that graded our academic performance, local businesses receive a report card of sorts that grades their online reputation. These grades come in the form of an average star rating. This rating is derived from customer reviews and is found on sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp and […]

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