ReviewIgnite Adds AI Engine to Online Reputation Software

AI Tool Online Reputation Software

Artificial intelligence has fast become an important tool for businesses to use to improve productivity and streamline processes. As these tools have matured, the quality of output has also improved significantly.

At ReviewIgnite, we are committed to helping property damage restoration and commercial cleaning businesses get more customers by leveraging their online reputation using the world’s simplest reputation management software.

In keeping with this commitment, we are excited to announce that we have incorporated an AI-powered content generation tool within ReviewIgnite’s online reputation management software platform. Two of our software applications will be using the new AI tool.

This new AI feature will be used to address the following functions:
1. Creating responses to online reviews
2. Creating short and long form posts for content marketing
3. Creating replies to social media post comments

Why is this new feature important?

Our new AI tool will help clients by speeding the process of creating quality content for tasks such as responding to reviews, engaging on social media and writing blog posts.

In addition, it reduces research and editing time so clients can engage with their customers faster.

Below outlines the specifics as to how the new AI content generation feature will be used in the Reputation Management and Social Marketing apps.

Reputation Management

We have integrated AI into our Reputation Management app to allow users to quickly create review responses for Google and Facebook reviews.

AI Tool Online Review Response Demo

When online reviews are posted for a client’s business, they appear in the review stream within their Reputation Management account. In order to engage the AI tool, users select the “suggest response” button in the review response text field.

The AI engine analyzes the review – taking into account the tone, sentiment and rating – and renders a response within seconds. After the response is generated, the user can make edits to the text. If the user is satisfied with the response, they simply post it with one click.

Responding to online reviews promptly is important. The new AI tool addresses this by streamlining the entire process. From speeding up content creation, to providing quality output, to reducing research needed, the new AI tool allows clients to interact with their audiences faster.

Social Marketing

Developing valuable content consistently is a challenge for most businesses. Our Social Marketing app is a key component of our online reputation management software suite. With the “all-in-one” composer, clients can create and distribute posts to their Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram (and more) social accounts. They can do so immediately or on a specific date and time using the posting calendar.

The new AI tool will allow our clients to quickly produce high quality content for both short and long form posts and create replies for comments on social media posts.

AI Tool Social Marketing1. Create short or long form content

Artificial intelligence has been integrated into the social posting functionality in Social Marketing to allow users to quickly create a content.

To engage the tool the user simply inputs a few words to describe the type of content they desire into the Prompt field. Next, they have a choice between creating a Short Post or Long Post.

A short post, for example, would be content used for Twitter. For long form posts, think Facebook or LinkedIn. Also, you can use the long form post mode as a starting point for writing blogs.

After the user clicks Generate, within seconds, the AI tool produces a complete post and, depending on the kind of post, will also include hashtags.

Then, the client can make changes and updates as needed. Once satisfied with the content, they can use it to post to their social media accounts.

2. “Suggest a reply” for social post comments

In addition to creating long and short form posts, we have integrated AI into the social commenting functionality in our Social Marketing app. This will allow clients to quickly reply to a social comment by a follower using AI-generated content.

The way it works is when a new response or comment is posted on a client’s social media account, it is automatically pulled into their dashboard in Social Marketing.

The client can generate a reply using the AI tool. It analyzes the follower’s comment to quickly provide a response with the appropriate tone and sentiment.

Then, they can edit the AI-provided content or, if they are happy with it, simply post the reply.

Next Steps

At ReviewIgnite, we are excited about providing AI content generation to property damage restoration and commercial cleaning businesses.

Because these businesses operate in a diverse marketplace – serving customers, businesses and referral sources – having access to software solutions that help them stand out to these audiences is critical to attracting more loyal clients.

Specifically, we want to help them be more skillful in responding to online reviews and developing high value content. And, even though this tool is amazing at delivering on both of these objectives, it is still just that — a tool.

Our recommendation is for users use this as a starting point in creating great content to build their online reputation. They still should consider incorporating nuance and distinctiveness to the AI-rendered content in order for it to be at its most effective.

We believe enhancing our software with AI, gives them an even better tool for building a great online reputation.

Need help with building your brand’s online reputation? ReviewIgnite specializes in helping businesses leverage their online reputation to get more positive online reviews, improve the customer experience and attract more customers.

If you are interested in our Reputation Management and Social Marketing apps, please go to our pricing page. Then, choose a package that’s right for your business.

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