Automated Review Response Suggestions Make Replying to Reviews Faster, More Effective

Automated Review Response Suggestions


Responding to online reviews is a basic marketing function for all local businesses. Not only is this task important because it shows the business cares about their customers, it’s also an opportunity to attract new customers.

Another compelling reason for responding to reviews? Consumers demand it. The following findings from a recent consumer review study show:

  • 76% of customers expect a reply to their online reviews within one week.
  • 73% of customers that read reviews either always or regularly read the review responses.

Even with all the benefits that responding to reviews offers, many businesses still fail to do so, which can end up hurting their bottom line over time.

To help make this process easier, ReviewIgnite has introduced “Automated Review Response Suggestions”.

What is Automated Review Response Suggestions?

A recently added feature to our online reputation management software, Automated Review Response Suggestions is designed to streamline the process for responding to reviews.

Pre-written Review Response Templates

The main aspects of this new tool are the creation of a library of pre-written response templates and the “intelligent” suggesting of responses based on the type of review received. Other highlights include:

  • The suggested response templates populate at random so review responses sound authentic without being repetitive.
  • All templates follow industry best-practices for creating relevant responses for a variety of customer feedback situations.
  • The client can edit existing and / or create an unlimited number of custom templates in order to stay true to their brand messaging.

How Does it Work?

ReviewIgnite’s online reputation management software client accounts are automatically updated with the new Automated Review Response Suggestions feature. This will include the creation of their library of pre-written responses.

When a new review is posted on Google or Facebook, the software pulls it into the client’s reputation management software account and displays it on their dashboard.

Automated Review Response Suggestions

The system will then suggests 3 pre-written replies that are displayed beneath the review text. The tone of the suggested responses is based on whether the review is positive or negative.

The pre-written responses will also include dynamic text fields in order to personalize the reply. The types of dynamic text include: reviewer’s name, business name, business phone number, and more.

The client then selects which suggested reply to use and posts the response. They can also edit the suggested response or create a custom reply.

What problems does it solve?

Responding to reviews should be straightforward. But, with the increased focus on reviews, businesses need to develop more effective responses to be successful. In addition, today’s businesses owners have more on their plates, making it difficult to find time to respond to their reviews.

Our new Automated Review Response feature helps address these issues by making the managing of and responding to reviews easier. It also reduces the burden of writing insightful replies and matching them to the right situation. In addition, the pre-written response templates are crafted in a way to maximize the opportunity to attract more customers.


The process for responding to online reviews is changing. Today, Online Reputation management in business needs to be savvier when replying to customer feedback. But with busier schedules and smaller staffs, business owners will find it more challenging to accomplish this.

ReviewIgnite’s new Automated Review Response Suggestions feature is designed to help local businesses respond to reviews faster and more effectively. It streamlines the review response function by providing authentic, pre-written review response templates that help you promptly respond to your customers and attract new ones.

At ReviewIgnite, we are always working on ways to improve the review management workflow for users of our online reputation management software. Our Automated Review Response Suggestions is one of the many value-added features our platform offers to help meet this goal.

Is your business looking to improve the process of responding to online reviews? We specialize in helping businesses leverage their online reputation to get more positive online reviews, attract more customers and grow sales.

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